Madmice Studio is currently focusing on creating digital comics. And through that, the studio aspires to create captivating stories, art and also finding sustainability in the work we do for both creator and audiences.

About Us

Founder and Creative Lead of Madmice Studio. A illustrator and comic artist based in Malaysia. Michelle has been working as a freelance artist since 2012 with 10 years of work experience in the field.

Throughout her career, she has been involve in a variety of projects with different clients all around the world, creating art & designs for different content such as storybooks, comics, games, merchandise and even business events. She is currently focusing on her solo comic IP under Madmice Studio.

Michelle Lee


Publishing Portfolios

Botak Chin Graphic Novel (2021)

Illustrated by Michelle Lee

Written by Danny Lim

Published by Buku Fixi

职业人气王 特别版 : 金牌店长 (书店店长篇) (2019)
Shakespeare Demystified Macbeth Comic (2017)
Donk! 2017 - Discourteous Chapter (2017)
Grab Driving Malaysia - A close Encounter Chapter (2017)
Beaver Pond A Toronto Fairy Tale Novel (2012)

Art & Story by Michelle Lee

Published by Maple Komik

Illustrated by Michelle Lee

Story by Darren Mah

Published by Maple Komik & Grab

Comic Colouring Artist : Michelle Lee

Story by 百自军园

Published by Hup Lick Publishing

Illustrated by Michelle Lee

Written by KL Shakespeare Players

Published by Maple Komik

Illustrated by Michelle Lee

Written by Paul Harbridge

Self Publish by Paul Harbridge

Natelino Mystery
(Pre-Production 2023 - 2024)

Illustrated & Written by Michelle Lee

Sweet Not Marylyn

Illustrated & story by Michelle Lee

Self Publish

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